Cozy spaces


Every detail brings us back to the origin, of a city that was called "the city of Gold"

If we think of a cozy place, we probably remember our parents’ or grandparents’ house; its smell, its corners and thousands of anecdotes that framed our childhood, and there is only one place that can make us remember these experiences again: the accommodations in Ourense.

Palaces, Rectors, Rural houses, Villages, Hotels, Pensions, Paradores, are just some of the establishments we find in the province that transport us back in time and evoke that longed-for feeling. The attention of their owners, the design of their facilities, their location and their privileged environment, make these sites the ideal place to carry out the event of our dreams.

Stone constructions are part of our history that permeate a magical and ancient style.

Discover the welcoming spaces of the province